Prince Hall Freemasons in the State of Illinois account for thousands of community service hours across Illinois. At times, charitable works extend beyond the boundaries of the state lines to aid in larger efforts where required. All in all, our objective has always been to provide relief where we can to the extent that we are able. By doing so, we help to ensure community stability.

Over the course of the past decade, Illinois Prince Hall Freemasonry has donated over $250,000 to scholarship programs for youths who work to achieve higher education. Community service has also extended to tornado relief efforts in downstate Illinois and to water donations to the State of Michigan. Hundreds of charities have received donations and support from our organization. These local and national organizations are not limited to but do include:

Subordinate Lodges across the State of Illinois under the umbrella of the Grand Lodge have implemented the following programs:

We also work in conjunction with other legitimate Masonic Organizations in the State of Illinois and beyond to provide relief at all levels. These efforts in addition to several others individual and collaborative efforts that are not listed identify the extent to which Freemasonry works for the community.